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Need A Caddie?

Caddies offer many advantages to both new & seasoned golfers alike by helping to improve the flow of the game, give you local course knowledge and insight to the history of your golf course. If you're looking for the best experience out on the course, you're going to want a caddie by your side. Booking a golf tournament? Showtime has you covered with our network of over 225 of the most highly experienced caddies nationwide.

Note: Torrey Pines currently does not allow Caddies. Showtime Golf offers Caddies at other local golf courses.

Forecaddie Rates

Without Tip - $200
With Tip - $325


    • Accompanies groups of 2, 3, and 4 players


    • Works on behalf of all members of the group


    • Does not carry clubs for players in group


Benefits of a Caddie

Carry bag

Read greens

Tend the flag

Find golf balls

Rake bunkers

Replace divots

Calculate yardage

Clean clubs and golf balls

Detailed course knowledge

Explain USGA and local rules

Assist golfers with decision-making

Provide course knowledge and information

Call 619-432-4653 to reserve your caddie.
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